It has recommended setting up of an Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre

It has recommended setting up of an Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre (I4C) to fight cyber crimes, he said.While addressing CISF personnel during their 47th Raising Day ceremony, Mr Singh said as India takes confident steps to be a stronger world economy, it is expected that anti-India forces will attempt to target “delicate and sensitive places” in the country. Cyber space is increasingly being used to radicalise young minds,” he said addressing a security meet organised by Assocham. Terming cyber crime as the biggest challenge for the country, home minister Rajnath Singh on Friday said that the cyber space is increasingly being used to radicalise young minds.Terming cyber crime as the biggest challenge for the country, home minister Rajnath Singh on Friday said that the cyber space is increasingly being used to radicalise young minds. “In the 20th century, the dimension of space was added to it.


But now a days, cyber crime is showing exponential growth in its number, which is a matter of serious concern,” he said.While expressing deep concern over the exponential growth in the figures of cyber crime, Mr Singh said earlier, the crime used to originate from land, water and Travel Vacuum Bag Suppliers air, but now it emanates from cyber space too.“Cyber crime is the biggest challenge these days with development and access to technology across the globe..Mr Singh said an expert group has been constituted in the home ministry to prepare a roadmap for effectively tackling cyber crimes in the country.Earlier in the day, the minister asked security forces to always keep themselves prepared against the onslaught of forces inimical to India as the country is striving to grow and become a $5 trillion economy in the next few years

The measures aimed at curbing pollution came into force on January

“When vehicles slow down due to congestion they emit more.Owing to the odd-even car rationing scheme, less congestion in the national capital is shielding people from “direct exposure” to pollutants, especially in and around areas of high car density such as Owing to the odd-even car rationing scheme, less congestion in the national capital is shielding people from “direct exposure” to pollutants, especially in and around areas of high car density such as traffic junctions, experts said.“Congestion at junctions, where drivers idle engines, means higher local pollution.
Centre for Science and Environment executive director Anumita Roychowdhury said that a sharp drop of pollutants from the peak levels has been observed over the last few days. So odd-even and such can be tactical,” he said.Raj Cherubal of Chennai City Project said lesser congestion has proven that “there is space” on Delhi’s roads for buses and measures like BRTS, while Shreya Gadipalli of Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) said the policy has created a platform “for a dialogue”. “The primary goal was to get people thinking about pollution due to unmitigated use of cars and explore alternative mobility solutions, especially public transportation. Mr Cherubal argues that odd-even should be seen in the context of tactics towards “better quality of life” and that the AAP government should immediately announce a comprehensive action plan with timelines on multi-modal integration, new buses, BRTS common ticketing system, quota on buying cars among others.Over 1.Ms Roychowdhury, who heads CSE’s clean air campaign, said on the first day of the enforcement of the scheme, a sharp drop in the level of pollutants was observed despite wind speed being lesser compared to the previous day..5 lakh motorcycles and scooters, taking the number of total registered vehicles 88.5 lakh cars were added to the city’s roads this financial year along with 3.
The measures aimed at curbing pollution came into force on January 1.5 and PM 10. Free flow of traffic helps prevent that,” she said.5 and PM 10, which depend on a host of atmospheric parameters. Cars not only take most of the space but also affects common people the most,” Madhav Pai of EMBARQ said. “So even if cars/SUVs use cleaner fuels and emit less smoke, what about all the other forms of pollution it causes including congestion, noise pollution thereby eroding quality of life ” he asked.Holding it as a “much needed start”, Samar wholesale Vacuum Storage Bags Halarnkar of IndiaSpend, a portal that runs a network of “low cost sensors” across Delhi, said that enforcing the car rationing scheme is not enough and the government needs to focus on implementing all the other measures like shutting down the coal-based Badarpur thermal power plant.Ms Gadepalli of ITDP said that has implemented Ahmedabad’s BRTS system, said expecting the odd-even policy to dramatically reduce pollution levels overnight would be “silly” as there may be existing residues in the air.27 lakh, as per Delhi Statistical Hand Book 2015 released by the city government.
Mr Cherubal, who pioneered the “car-free” day scheme in Chennai, also sought to point out that big cars or SUVs take up disproportionate amount of space on the limited road, carrying disproportionately smaller percentage of commuters. Pollution should not be looked at only from the point of view of the amount of suspended particulate matters like PM 2. “Congestion also causes pollution and it affects the lower middle class more who are directly exposed to criteria pollutants like oxides of nitrogen, sulphur dioxide and black carbon. This has created a platform for a dialogue for what kind of a city we want—one where our children die of suffocation and unsafe streets, or one where they can live a happy and full life,” she said.Dismissing the criticism that the scheme in its pilot phase has been able to yield little gains till now, ecologists urban planners contended while hostile weather conditions may be limiting the gains, it would definitely restrict the peak levels from spiralling out of hand. Lesser congestion due to odd-even proves there is space on Delhi’s roads for buses and measures like BRTS which is not obvious on congested roads. However, they also warn against expecting any dramatic reduction in the amount of respirable particulate matters, PM 2.The experts unanimously endorsed that a reduction in the volume of cars was simultaneously bringing down levels of gaseous pollutants, like oxides of nitrogen, sulphur dioxide and black carbon, which is a mixture of road dust and vehicle fumes


Drawing solace from the rising crescendo of Trumpian warnings

The Sino-Indian standoff at Doklam has persisted, albeit with a limited Chinese withdrawal to dodge embarrassment before its 19th party congress and to save the China-hosted Brics summit. Later, Pakistan began alleging that Jadhav’s wife’s shoes contained snooping devices. It also thus leaves Bhutan vulnerable to Chinese cajolements of a permanent territorial settlement to wean it away from India’s tutelage.. (that) the thing it really disapproves of is India maintaining a sphere of influence”.India-Pakistan relations are now in free fall, with Mr Modi having used Pakistan as a convenient punching bag in the recent Gujarat Assembly elections, even hinting at treason when former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and former vice-president Hamid Ansari had attended a dinner in honour of a former Pakistani foreign minister. That impacts India’s neighbourhood policy, specifically relations with China and Pakistan. India’s Pakistan policy of boycott and threats has thus faltered as Pakistan is, if anything, even more defiant.. India has one foot in a boat rowed by the Saudis and Emiratis (Mr Modi is to revisit the UAE next month), and the other foot in the Iranian dhow, now in Mr Trump’s cross-hairs.
According to exiled former President Mohammed Nasheed, who is perceived as close to India, China now holds 75 per cent of the Maldives’ debt. Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Photo: ANI) The year 2018 presents a challenging external environment to India as Prime Minister Narendra Modi enters his last full year in office. Until 2011, China didn’t even have an embassy in the Maldives. The “Quad”, a grouping of Australia, India, Japan and the US, to balance China, has been resurrected.In India’s expanded neighbourhood to the east a two-track approach is being adopted. It indicated that Indian foreign policy remains rooted in pragmatism. The US move on Jerusalem before a final settlement of the West Asia issue and unrest in Iran add to the complexity. The new foreign secretary has his work cut out. With President Trump given to diplomacy by Twitter and Russia converging with China on most international issues, the space for a balancing game has shrunk further. Some see it as a rudimentary Asian version of Nato.Later this month Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will arrive in India, followed by a mini-Asean summit as its 10 members are guests at the Republic Day celebrations. This maintains pressure on Bhutan, in whose territory Doklam lies. Ceasefire violations in the last year climbed to 820, 589 more that the preceding year, and 667 more than in 2014. But the principal challenge to India is its immediate neighbourhood. Mr Trump’s Riyadh visit early in his presidency emboldened the Saudi ruling dispensation to confront Iran, pillory GCC allies whose conduct the Saudis abhorred, escalate the war in Yemen and attempt novel reforms at home. Post-election, India facilitated the visit of the mother and wife of alleged spy-cum-saboteur Kulbhushan Jadhav for a meeting, which ended up humiliating the ladies when they were strip-searched.Thus 2018 will see Indian foreign policy largely playing a waiting game as elections loom in India, Pakistan, Russia and even the United States (the mid-term congressional polls). This is to both balance China and engage it. Mr Modi’s conduct of foreign policy has propensity for nationalistic posturing when crucial state elections approach. Reportedly, despite the onset of winter, when normally Chinese troops return to the Tibetan hinterland, they have bivouacked at the spot, within sight of Indian troops. The last two and Karnataka would also elect new Assemblies.
Drawing solace from the rising crescendo of Trumpian warnings would be unwise as the United States is principally soliciting action against groups like the Taliban and the Haqqani Network and not India-specific groups, which Pakistan is mainstreaming by transmutation into political units. First, despite palpable bonhomie, Mr Modi having been the first Indian head of government to visit Israel, India voted for a UN General Assembly resolution asking the United States to reverse its decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The Nepalese government can be expected to tilt more visibly towards China and thus allow the Belt and Road Initiative to connect Kathmandu by train to Lhasa and beyond, consequently tying the Nepalese economy more closely to China’s. Gen.. The Saarc neighbourhood is more divided today than ever with persistent Pakistani defiance and Chinese aggressive intrusion.To India’s west, the geostrategic scenario is more muddled. Vacuum bags Factory On a separate track, India would remain active in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, a Chinese brainchild, and Brics and RIC (Russia, India and China). Consequently, it exacerbated the Shia-Sunni divide and caused an intra-Sunni split. The Economist notes that “China is making it increasingly clear. That the national security advisers of India and Pakistan attended the following day a pre-scheduled meeting in Bangkok indicates either that Lt. That would be premature as more members yet need to be co-opted, including Vietnam and South Korea, and perhaps even Indonesia.India’s Pakistan policy of boycott and threats has faltered as Pakistan is even more defiant. Perhaps this was unavoidable after four permanent UN Security Council members and over two-thirds of the UN membership lined up behind the resolution.
The Chinese pressure on the Indian periphery was manifested in Sri Lanka conceding control of Hambantota port and its adjoining territory to China on a 99-year lease, the Maldives ramming through a free trade agreement with China and a coalition of the two largest Communist parties winning the elections in Nepal. Meanwhile, India continues supporting the East Asia Summit (EAS), built around the 10-member Asean. Nasser Khan Janjua was complicit in the Islamabad charade or was undercut by his former service to keep India-Pakistan relations disturbed. This is necessary as the US under Donald Trump has undertaken a structural withdrawal by abandoning Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and the Paris climate change accord, vacating space for China. This year will be full of byelections to Parliament in the critical states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan


The information vacuum is also why people are not as vocal as usual

The information vacuum is also why people are not as vocal as usual. On the other the international media is talking of all that is wrong there. He visited Kashmir in September and found the pain palpable. Any platform is all-Muslim is vulnerable to being branded anti-national. If Hyderabad goes, all is lost. No calls for marches or night vigils. Dr. But overall, it’s been a no-show. Hyderabad’s capacity to shape history was tremendous then.The thought of Kashmiris being caged for 76 days was bothersome, said Zafar Javeed, honorary secretary of Sultan-ul-uloom Education Society.. Religious bodies too, with the exception of Jamaat-e-Islami-e-Hind, which made token noise all over India did little by way of protest against the suppression of Kashmiris’ civil liberties.“
The fear of NRC is high in Telengana.The reason for the silence is fear.It’s easier for non- Muslims to be vocal, says Mohammed Shafiq uz Zaman, advocate, but even the well-placed, like the 49 intellectuals hit by a sedition charge, are made to pay. No protest call.Ironically, the Kashmiri pain is something Hyderabadis can relate to, having felt something similar during the 1948 Police Action, says Aijaz Farruq, retired Air Force officer and religious scholar.Tragically, Hyderabad has not lived up to its potential. Kashmiris’ food, medicine and livelihood are at stake; yet the government talks merely of restoring post-paid mobile connections. Some in the Shia community also made a spot assessment. Fear of being left out of the National Register of Citizens (NRC), and fear of being called ‘anti-national’.”Ali Quadri, an active member of a coalition of religious bodies visited Kashmir to study the ground situation.
The turmoil in Kashmir has been greeted with a deafening silence.“This was the priority,” Askari said. This is also a dampener for the ordinary Muslim. Rumours circulate time and again of people to be removed from the list. It especially gnaws at the section of society whose gatherings passionately discuss human rights violations in Kashmir.The reason for the silence is fear. Even as Kashmiri traders and students talk of ‘change of heart’ among ordinary Indian Muslims, thanks to the fear of being left out of the NRC or being called ‘anti-national’, by and large the reaction of Muslims to the Kashmir issue has been subdued.The threat of NRC has kept NGOs busy ensuring citizens have proper documentation.Hyderabad’s expression is in lockdown, within the four walls of home.
Not one forum or discussion on Kashmir in an otherwise vibrant Hyderabad, whose history speaks of how they have stood up for religious brethren — the last occasion being the Kashmir floods, when Hyderabad contributed liberally for relief.Mujtaba Askari of Helping Hand Foundation said: “On one side there is daily government propaganda stating life is normal.”Non-government organisations (NGOs) trying to establish contact want to do it with non-religious groups, for China Travel Vacuum Space Bag fear of losing the focus on human rights. The Governor of Bombay sent this telegram to the Governor General in Calcutta when India’s first war of independence was taking shape. Khaled Mubashshir uz Zafar of Jamaat-e-Islami rues the subdued show of solidarity but talks of the fear of a backlash. The politically-strong Muslim citizenry shows a collective indifference about India’s only Muslim-majority state. Fear of being left out of the National Register of Citizens (NRC), and fear of being called ‘anti-national’


The newspapers also quoted experts as saying that a hyoid fracture

The office of New York City&wholesale Travel Vacuum Bag039;s chief medical examiner, which conducted the autopsy, said it's too early to confirm exactly how Epstein died. They also said it can be found in incidents of strangulation."Everything must be consistent; no single finding can be evaluated in a vacuum," it added, saying the case of death was "pending further study."In all forensic investigations, all information must be synthesized to determine the cause and manner of death," it said in a statement carried by US media Thursday.


Prosecutors have pledged to pursue cases against anyone else involved in Epstein's alleged crimes.Preliminary findings from the autopsy showed the 66-year-old had multiple broken bones in his neck, including the hyoid bone near his Adam's apple, according The Washington Post and The New York Times.According to prosecutors, Epstein sexually exploited dozens of teens, some as young as 14, at his homes in Manhattan and Florida, between 2002 and 2005.The FBI and Justice Department is # investigating how America's most high-profile inmate apparently managed to take his own life just weeks after an earlier reported suicide attempt.


The newspapers also quoted experts as saying that a hyoid fracture can occur in victims of suicide, particularly older ones.Epstein, a convicted sex offender who befriended many celebrities and politicians, was found dead in jail on Saturday from an apparent suicide as he awaited trial on federal charges that he trafficked underage girls for sex. The guards were reportedly asleep when they should have been checking on Epstein. (Photo: AP) New York: An autopsy of disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein found broken bones in his neck, US media reported on Thursday, as New York's medical examiner said the cause of death required further study.


The office of New York City's chief medical examiner, which conducted the autopsy, said it was too early to confirm exactly how Epstein died.Epstein's death came a day after a court released documents in which an alleged victim said he used her as a "sex slave" and that she was forced to have sex with well-known politicians and businessmen. They cited sources familiar with the post mortem examination.. He denied the charges but faced up to 45 years in jail if found guilty. Epstein, a convicted sex offender who befriended many celebrities and politicians, was found dead in jail on Saturday from an apparent suicide as he awaited trial on federal charges that he trafficked underage girls for sex.The warden of the Metropolitan Correctional Centre has been temporarily reassigned and two guards put on administrative leave pending an investigation." Epstein, a multi-millionaire who counted Britain's Prince Andrew and Donald Trump as friends, was charged with one count of sex trafficking of minors and one count of conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of minors

This opened the floodgates of hatred from Modi followers

We must not allow lowly rabble-rousers to rob us of this basic right. And not be cowed by the barks of hate-mongers. Ananthamurthy believes that every writer needs to be a “critical insider” to their tradition, like Mahatma Gandhi was. “We, as writers, will have to be conscientious witnesses to the terrible events of our times,” Ananthamurthy said after the 2002 Gujarat massacres, “as well as act as citizens to restore sanity and compassion.” It was not about anger or irritation or running away from an unpleasant situation.And for many, that disgust is not only because of the possibility of Modi, widely regarded as a mass murderer, becoming our Prime Minister. For their audacious inauthenticity. Only the incurably innocent or doggedly somnambulant would refuse to recognise this.


A writer does not write in a vacuum. He has even tried party politics.) Ananthamurthy was shocked. For their contempt for justice. They hit out at the venerated 80-year-old, plastering the Internet with hate speech, calling him names, sending him money for a one-way ticket out of the country.R. For their skewed idea of governance and development. Democracy is about freedom of thought and debate, about our critical engagement in governance. It was about heartbreaking disappointment and profound disgust. For many Indians disgust seems to be the defining emotion for our current political situation. He had criticised Jawaharlal Nehru, he recalled, he had campaigned against Indira Gandhi and the Emergency, but he had never faced such coarse threats and abuse.


Even if we are deeply disgusted. It springs from the smug satisfaction that is evident in the barefaced way the BJP carries on its much touted governance, speckled by encounter killings, brazenly blaming Muslims for terror attacks that may have been carried out by Hindu fanatics, for the way they need to dress Muslims up in skull caps and burqas to show their secular appeal in a theatre of the absurd. True to form, China Travel Vacuum Space Bag Factory the Modi brigade continues their abusive, uncivilised rampage against Ananthamurthy. This is a writer who saw India break free, who was devoted to the idea of a new democratic India, a socialist writer who stepped out of his traditional priestly family to help build a casteless, egalitarian India, who dipped his pen in the wisdom of the ancient epics to show the way forward in a society wounded by rotting tradition and savage custom.


He lives and breathes in a society and needs to be critically aware of his surroundings. The writer is editor of The Little Magazine. And the political is personal too.” He believes Modi must be opposed because he is a very big bully and will break the spirit of India, creating a country of spineless, unfree cowards. Modi merely crowns that mountain of disgust. Literature — some more than others — helps us relate to the conflict between the two, shows us how one affects or balances the other. For their bare-faced, fish-eyed lack of shame. (I hope he accepts the money and donates it to deserving causes that don’t interest these zealous givers. And the political is personal too.Last week, U. Through this, literature helps us understand ourselves and our world. Why can’t a writer just shut up and write, they scream, and keep his nose out of politics Not surprisingly, this argument of the illiterate exhibits not just ignorance of literature but also ignorance about Ananthamurthy.


This opened the floodgates of hatred from Modi followers. An age of unreason, marked by a chilling absence of ethics, shaped by violence, cradling debilitating discontent. Ananthamurthy has always been very political. And in this Ananthamurthy is not alone. Only the incurably innocent or doggedly somnambulant would refuse to recognise this. It is disgust for the whole situation that allows Modi to be a prime ministerial candidate.The personal is political. We forget that as citizens we have a responsibility to speak out. The shame that holds you back at the precipice.In the cacophony that has become the mainstay of our politics, voices of sanity often go unheard.But why is Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party more of a monster than the Congress after the 1984 massacre of Sikhs in Delhi Why is Modi’s BJP so icky-yucky if the deeply corrupt and quite sectarian Congress is not I guess it is a matter of degree.


And shame. “If this is not fascism, what is ” he wondered. His fiction does not just hold up a mirror to society, it shows in graphic detail and sparkling clarity what is wrong with it. Apart from the viciousness of violence in Gujarat, the revulsion springs from the shamelessness and lack of remorse that followed — right up to Modi’s recent admission that he feels as much remorse as he would if a kutte ka bachcha (son of a dog) came under his wheels on the streets. “If this is the situation even before the elections, what will happen if Modi comes to power ”When a few days later, he was asked by the media whether he still stood by his comment, Ananthamurthy replied: “I stand by my sentence with a modification: I don’t want to live in a world where Modi is Prime Minister. The personal is political.


Nor is the rabid response to it a surprise. It is not easy to be a silent witness to the steady demolition of the idea of India, especially if you feel strongly about equality, pluralism, justice and democratic freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. For the corruption that shapes public life, for the violence that powers our politics, for the failures in governance that permit sectarian violence, for the cold-blooded, politically planned massacres targeting particular faiths or castes, for the “honour killings”, for the absence of law and order, for a government that desperately tries (but fails, one suspects) to keep criminal MPs and MLAs in power going against a Supreme Court order.


For Ananthamurthy, literature is political — it has to respond to the challenges of the times. For not even having a trace of what in Bengali we would call chokkhu lajja, the shame in the eye. Ananthamurthy, extraordinary fiction writer, essayist, poet and distinguished public intellectual, said he would not wish to live in an India where Narendra Modi was Prime Minister. Powerful novels like Samskara and short stories like Ghatashraddha (both have been made into films) made Ananthamurthy a literary giant in Kannada, one with a rare understanding of Indian tradition and an unwavering conscience.So it is not surprising that a writer who has brilliantly critiqued the personal as the political and the political as personal would speak his mind on the politics of the day

The correspondent from Kigali reported that the Rwandan coffee crop

His partners offloaded the American shares before the bourse crashed. That was to become only a peg for a much higher-yield story, one of greater interest to involved industrial complexes, including their rivals. That should have pleased the French, but worried everyone else.By arrangement with Dawn.Right up to P. Gandhi shot,” shouted the Bengali correspondent from the British wire agency to his boss in London over a bad phone connection. Nothing of the sort happened. Remember that Germany, Britain, Sweden, Italy and, of course, the United States and Russia were in the fray for the deal that Rafale got a slice of. Did the bomb-delivering Spice kits fail?


Also, was it an Israeli radar system that shot down India’s own helicopter, killing six senior airmen?When a 1965 Indian war hero, retired Air Marshal Denzil Keelor, praised late Pakistani rival Squadron Leader Sarfaraz Rafiqui as a brilliant pilot, he was only being a good professional soldier, like the Battle of El Alamein between Rommel and Montgomery was known to Travel Vacuum Bag both sides as a war without hate. The news of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination reached Europe 12 days after the event. Narasimha Rao’s rule in the 1990s, getting the weather forecast from India’s met department was a big scoop.


Lord Thomson, the Canadian media baron who ruled London’s Fleet Street for decades, described news as the grey stuff between ads. To understand how the recent aerial standoff between Indian and Pakistani pilots turned into a running market-moving story, consider some handy examples of what the phenomenon is. It was a sturdy Russian-built Ilyushin that had hit a lamp post on the side of the runway while landing.Prime Minister Narendra Modi added more excitement by proclaiming that India missed the French Rafale jets in the February action, indicating that they would have delivered a better outcome. Foreign correspondents and analysts curiously joined the claims and counter-claims carried in the media of the two countries as seldom before.One watched with utter helplessness the slow-motion killings in Rwanda in 1994.


The correspondent from Kigali reported that the Rwandan coffee crop had been severely harmed by the non-availability of Tutsi farm workers. When it hit the bourses, there was a calamitous fall in shares related to Europe’s investments in American infrastructure enterprises like the railways. It’s the 25th anniversary of the genocide this year.Did an American plane hit a Russian plane, or was it a Chinese plane that brought down the Russian workhorse? The reverberations would go all the way to Nato and the Shanghai club.One day, in the middle of the daily horrors, there was an even more revolting horror.It wasn’t about a Pakistani pilot who shot down Abhinandan Varthaman, the Indian pilot.The recent dogfight between Indian and Pakistani pilots has become a contested narrative not only between the two air forces, but significantly also between the manufacturers of the involved warplanes and military utilities. Was he dead? The nervous man was not sure, but the news that Gandhi was shot made for a landmark market-moving flash as it involved the high stakes of an invincible colonial empire. The rivals carried the seemingly absurd news, and it caused commotion at the Bombay Stock Exchange. Lord Thomson, the Canadian media baron who ruled London’s Fleet Street for decades, described news as the grey stuff between ads. It is claimed that a man who had a homing pigeon, by design, on the news-carrying boat sent the message to the Liverpool stock exchange before the ship could dock.Everyone was relieved to see the smiling politician Salahuddin Owaisi, the first passenger to step out of the upside down plane, looking not a bit shaken and clutching his satchel. The reason for this bizarre state of affairs went back to Indira Gandhi. “Gandhi shot. The markets add a distortion into this worthy human emotion. Hutu militias would go out each morning with a clear count of the scalps they needed to bag by close of business.Wire agencies run on the principle of news flashes, keeping as close to real time of an event as possible.One day after the breakup of the Soviet Union, a commercial plane belonging to a Central Asian country turned turtle at the Delhi airport. The incident should have won plaudits for Russian engineering but Ilyushin was not listed on the international markets, so there was no newsbreak.V. She had placed the weather forecast in the classified column after discovering that moneylenders used the information to play the markets, and exploited poor peasants by manipulating the price of grain and other commodities.One was rapped on the knuckles for not reporting for a wire agency that India’s then finance minister Manmohan Singh had a cold and would be absent from Parliament for a few days.The Ethiopian Airlines tragedy with the new Boeing 737-MAX, on the other hand, has not stopped rattling the markets.Wire agencies run on the principle of news flashes, keeping as close to real time of an event as possible. Soon the story became a tiny single-column affair in newspapers, often appearing below the weather column.Similarly with Israel, which must be terribly worried every time someone from Australia or elsewhere questions India’s version of the Balakot strikes. Journalists rushed to find the firemen bracing for an inferno. The New York Stock Exchange that ignored the daily massacres suddenly went wild with the newsbreak. The news editor exulted unabashedly and, as per tradition with market-moving stories, he promised a bag of gold to the correspondent for the gory enterprise. And Boeing should have watched the recent India-Pakistan flareup with keen interest in the warplanes deal that went to Rafale

The contention of its leaders that nothing prevents a Hindu

Second, the BJP’s Jammu-centric stance, and the Centre’s no-dialogue policy while stepping up security operations and giving scant respect to concerns over human rights violations, are pursued with the objective that this belligerent tone will be music to the BJP’s core constituency in other states. Even the number of BJP legislators dropped from eight to a lone one. This should have been backed by adequate development and creation of opportunities, especially in the two regions, but every Union government has faltered here. The BJP is seeking to harness this latent sentiment by depicting Kashmir as the proverbial last frontier and thereby the attempt to install a Hindu chief minister. First, the immediate goal is to consolidate its slipping support in the Jammu region where people’s sentiment was mounting against it due to the poor legislative record of the BJP’s legislators and the offhand approach of its ministers in the government.


The contention of its leaders that nothing prevents a Hindu from being chief minister of the state is aimed at maximising its electoral prospects in other states by cementing its core constituency. However disconcerting that this appears, there is no denying that the index of majoritarian prejudice against religious minorities, Muslims in particular, has risen appreciably after the emergence of the Ayodhya agitation.The plan to install a BJP chief minister will accomplish the party’s Mission 44-Plus but through the backdoor. With every decision in Kashmir being taken with eyes solely focused on 2019, Mr Modi has callously undone Atal Behari Vajpayee’s bold initiative of 2002 when he held elections against all expectations and ensured that the Valley witnessed its first fair election in decades. For decades, national political parties successfully impressed upon the people that peace could not be attained in Kashmir if the aspirations of the people of the Valley was not given precedence. Since the early 1990s, events in Kashmir are not seen solely from a Valley-centric prism but has got increasingly intertwined with rising instance of reactive home-grown terror and the deteriorating communal situation. For Mr Modi, however, his 2014 slogan of “main desh naheen mitne doonga” (I will not allow the nation to be obliterated) got the emphasis correct, except that desh was a metaphor for himself and his party. Mr Vajpayee undermined his party’s immediate interests because he felt it was a national necessity.Although both are guilty on this count, the BJP’s two-fold motive now makes its tactic more perilous than any previous effort. Hereafter, especially if the BJP succeeds in its current plan, it would require a PM with an infinite capacity for boldness and political selflessness to douse passions in the Valley.Kashmir has been a victim of the political adventurism of national leaders previously too — most ruinously during 1983 when then PM Indira Gandhi “split” the state into a Hindu Jammu region and a Muslim Valley. Often compared with her, the BJP’s decision to virtually retrace her steps, so soon after the 43rd anniversary of the Emergency when the dark days were recounted by all including Prime Minister Modi, shows that he and his coterie have learnt nothing either from history or from the blunders of previous leaders. There was little doubt that this partnership was in absolute contrast to the one between the National Conference and the BJP in the Vajpayee era.


The plan to install a BJP chief minister will accomplish the party’s Mission 44-Plus but through the backdoor. Living up to his image of being the right man in the wrong party, Mr Vajpayee often displayed statesmanship and looked beyond personal and party interests. Recent developments make it evident that from its boisterous campaign in the Jammu region during the Lok Sabha elections in 2014, the BJP’s sole objective was to pander to Hindu sentiments elsewhere in the country.. What began in early 2015 as a bold and seemingly genuine experiment by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to move beyond his party’s previous position on Kashmir to a more pragmatic stance moulded by contemporary reality and nationalistic necessity has ended as sham.


His first step after Pokhran-II turned counter-productive was reviving the peace process with Pakistan, first by heading to Lahore on the bus service he launched and again by inviting President Pervez Musharraf for the Agra summit after Kargil. After 1983, the Congress and the BJP have alternately heightened the anxiety of people in Jammu and Ladakh with an eye on electoral dividends. (Photo: File | PTI) In almost three weeks since the BJP withdrew from its atypical alliance with the People’s Democratic Party in Jammu and Kashmir leading to the imposition of Governor’s Rule in the state, the only political initiative so far to end the vacuum created in the absence of an elected government is enormously ominous.Early on, the BJP undermined the PDP’s political trustworthiness among people without being considerate about the grave risk it took by aligning with Mr Modi. The BJP has strategically blurred the lines between Kashmir and Pakistan, and those critical of the BJP’s stance are labelled anti-nationals. It would however, erase any remaining faith of Kashmiris in the fairness of national parties when dealing with political aspirations in the troubled Valley.


The BJP’s success in accomplishing this diabolical plan would suck Kashmir further into the vortex Hand roll vacuum compression bag of lawlessness and away from the national political mainstream. The troubled past of Jammu and Kashmir makes it imperative for the Jammu and Ladakh regions to sit on the back rows of the treasury benches for the sake of national unity and stability. Reports suggest that the party leadership has given the go-ahead for installing the first Hindu chief minister in the state by engineering splits within the PDP, National Conference and even the Congress with People’s Conference leader Sajjad Lone acting as a pivot, and is merely waiting for the right moment before beginning another sinister operation on lines of several that the BJP has successfully executed in the past in other states.


The impartial conduct of the 2002 Assembly polls immensely politically damaged its ally, the NC.The BJP’s plan is despicable because Kashmir is not a state like Maharashtra, Haryana or Jharkhand, where the BJP appointed chief ministers from a non-dominant community. The BJP’s success in accomplishing this diabolical plan would suck Kashmir further into the vortex of lawlessness and away from the national political mainstream

The test for Indian diplomacy in the coming decades

India reacted by standing alone and boycotting the Beijing Forum, attended by most of India’s South Asian neighbours. There is least dissonance between the five on the second subject.The current Brics summit was held against this evolving background. Further, China tied it to its broader Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) — a modern resurrection of the old Silk Road with a maritime dimension. Brics is also an important G-20 ginger group and could push its agenda through that forum. Initially it appeared like an anti-globalisation and isolationist stance, abandoning allies in Europe and the Far East. The Indian economy is also struggling after the twin shocks of demonetisation and GST.Brazil, Russia and South Africa are oil and commodity exporters.. Two additional provocations were already irritating India. India too, having obtained their concession, concurred in the mild deploring of North Korea’s testing, in defiance of the global community, of a hydrogen bomb. Apropos the listing of Pakistan-based terror groups, China makes strategic shifts gradually.
The Xiamen Declaration issued at the end of the 9th Brics summit held in that city in China’s southeastern Fujian province earlier this week is a 70-odd-paragraph peroration entitled “Stronger Partnership for a Brighter Future” that captures the consensus among five major emerging economies of Asia, Africa and Latin America. All want a WTO-led open and inclusive trading system. India said sovereignty issues could not be ignored when China was over- sensitive to any breach of its perceived sovereignty. The inability of Sri Lanka to repay the Hambantota debt, leading to land being ceded on lease to China for a free zone, only confirmed Indian doubts.
Mr Trump’s subsequent actions only confused the picture as he approved a limited surge of troops in Afghanistan, declared a war till victory against terror groups threatening the US and the West, chastised Pakistan and locked horns with China over North Korea’s missile and now sixth nuclear test, simultaneously opening an inquiry into Chinese purloining of the intellectual property of US companies. The latest US sanctions may make it difficult even for India to trade with Russia without breaching US laws. But this would be noted in both Tokyo and Washington.The third segment relates to international peace and security. Against the background of the hacking charges against Russia and commercial and other Internet-based espionage by China, surely the Web is unlikely to be more neutral were autocratic regimes to get control over the servers. India has played along, but is best served dealing with its friends in the West directly and eschewing the nonaligned-type trade unionism.India responded by boycotting the BRI Forum and critiquing it. The Russian economy is still oil and gas dependent, besides diminished export of arms. China had also been blocking the listing of terrorist and Jaish-e-Mohammad head Masood Azhar by the UN Security Council’s 1267 committee. Information Communications Technology (ICT) figures prominently in the declaration. In addition, for India, the negative trend lines of Sino-Indian relations raised questions about the utility of China-dominated groupings. It is possible that to get India on board the BRI and realising that the “far enemy” US is more challenging than the immediate “rival” India, it is possible that a genuine detente with India may be attempted. All seek amending of IMF voting rights to reflect the current economic strength of members.The first issue is intra-Brics dealings which will be driven by China as the largest economy and trader.The test for Indian diplomacy in the coming decades will be in its ability to bridge these two worlds without unconditionally espousing either. Further, financial viability of the projects was questionable. But this ignores Russia facing sanctions by the US and pilloried by Europe over Ukraine.
The test for Indian diplomacy in the coming decades will be in its ability to bridge these two worlds without unconditionally espousing either.Q. India has to be careful about the company it keeps as freedom of information is involved. President Donald Trump’s rise heralded precipitous change in America’s strategic posture, creating a strategic vacuum. It took the Vacuum Storage Bag Manufacturers United States from undisputed global hegemony underwriting the existing economic, financial and political post-World War II geopolitical order to “America First”. China can see growing convergence between the US, Japan and India economically, technologically and militarily. China had been vetoing Indian membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), arguing that membership of non-signatories to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty needed to be settled first. After decades of clandestine propping up of Pakistan to stymie India, Chinese support became bolder. There are, however, limits due to the geographical spread of members, and failing governance in Brazil and South Africa. The resolution of the imbroglio days before the Xiamen summit and the Chinese willingness to let Pakistan-based terrorist groups to be listed in the declaration raises the question of whether there is a strategic rethink by China on India?The Xiamen Declaration has three subsections – Brics Practical Economic Cooperation; Global Economic Governance and International Peace and Security. India saw it as an attempt to obtain nuclear legitimacy for Pakistan, a recipient of Chinese nuclear technology and serial proliferator via the A.
The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), involving investment of $46 billion, was finalised, ignoring likely Indian objections as it traversed Gilgit and Baltistan, claimed by India. Had India not gone to Bhutan’s aid, it would have allowed China to draw it into its sphere of influence by offering territorial concessions elsewhere, having gained an advantage in a region vital for India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping shake hands before the group photo session at 2017 Brics Summit in Xiamen, Fujian province in China, on Monday. The Doklam stand-off brought the lingering tension to a head. India requires a balancing game between the emerging and the old orders. With oil prices dropping precipitously since 2014 and the Chinese hunger for commodities abating sharply as their economy slowed, analysts started referring to loose “bricks” in Brics’ wall. Khan network.Brics, Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, and the Russia-India-China forum called RIC are Chinese means to impose an order on the old global structures of governance


This therapy helps to strengthen the muscles and must be followed from

The second reason is that there is a change in the nerves that cater to the bladder and they start sending incorrect signals, which will make the patient want to go more frequently or lose control before she reaches the toilet.In women who are 60 years and above, the leakage is terrible. In some cases, due to the large head of the baby or the weight of the baby in the womb, the muscle fibres are torn.What is the damage caused during the birthing process? Leaky bladder issues are profoundly felt after 40. There are also neurological diseases that affect the whole body including the bladder.What is pelvic physical therapy? How can it be done? Pelvic physical therapy is an important tool to prevent and treat these problems in the early stages.


Some women are scared of weights but lifting weights is recommended for women.What are the exercises that women must follow on a regular basis? Women should understand that the parts of the body are connected and cardio and aerobic exercises help to burn calories. Hence, exercises like walking, stretches, etc.Loss of bladder control can interfere with your life. They have special fibres and can stretch to 10 times their length and also contract to the original size. However, it has to be started early on.


This therapy helps to strengthen the muscles and must be followed from the birth of the first child. This therapy helps to strengthen the muscles and must be followed from the birth of the first child. They tend to have less muscle and more of Vacuum Storage Bag Factory fat. The impact of this problem on their lives physically and psychologically is debilitating. Why? Muscles around the birth canal are different from the rest of the body. Due to lack of awareness and also because they are scared to deal with the problem, many young women do not seek help. For this reason, this issue is now being addressed during the process of birthing to make women aware and opt for exercises, which will help them deal with it. After the birth of the baby, while you are doing your Kegels exercises, after six weeks you can start pelvic physical therapy in consultation with the doctor. Having your first child is enough to start the weakness in the muscles. These can be easily done at home, when you are asked to pull your vagina and anus into your body without holding your breath.


Dr Anuradha Koduri, senior urogynaecologist at KIMS Hospital, explains the need for physicians to accept the best practices and young women to opt for therapies that will help them manage these problems. So it is important to start exercises in the pelvic muscles while you are pregnant. What is the reason for this? The leakage can be due to the laxity of the muscles around the genital organs. For this reason, women must continue to lift weights as it keeps the muscles toned. In the pre-menopause stage and during menopause, the lack of toned muscles lead to incontinence. The tube that carries the urine from the bladder sags and is out of place. Due to this reason, women start leaking urine uncontrollably.


Instruments like forceps or vacuum make the problem greater because of the unnatural stretching of the tissues. This will isolate the muscle that needs to be toned, which will help in the birthing process and also help the muscle come back to its original strength quickly. While medication gives relief, it is not able to help get rid of the problem completely. For this reason, pelvic physical therapy is being popularised in the West to help women deal with the problem. In ageing women, if they are not exercising and lifting weights, muscles are not toned up.How can those who are overweight and suffering from co-morbid conditions such as heart diseases and diabetes, deal with this problem? Will medicines help? An exercise regimen helps to control the problem much better. Urinary incontinence is a problem faced by a large number of women but many of them do not openly talk about it as they think of it as an embarrassing subject., can be opted for. But this condition can be curbed with pelvic physical therapy. Lifting of weights help to tone every muscle in the body. Swimming is another great option

In a sign that the task ahead will not be easy

Experts have cautioned that Hariri may be hamstrung from the start because of ongoing divisions in the country&Travel Vacuum Bag Suppliers039;s complex political scene. Newly-assigned Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri speaks to journalists at the presidential palace in Baabda. (Photo: AP) Experts have cautioned that Hariri may be hamstrung from the start because of ongoing divisions in the country's complex political scene. Beirut: Former prime minister Saad Hariri was nominated Thursday to form Lebanon's next government but the process is likely to be hampered by deep differences with the powerful Hezbollah movement.
Hariri's nomination and the election of a president after a vacuum of more than two years have raised hopes that Lebanon can begin tackling challenges including a stagnant economy, a moribund political class and the influx of over a million Syrian refugees.It is also something of a comeback for Hariri, a Western-backed Sunni politician who had been left in the political cold in recent years.Experts have cautioned that Hariri may be hamstrung from the start because of ongoing divisions in the country's complex political scene.Hariri is a fierce opponent of Lebanon's influential Shiite Hezbollah movement, and has sharply criticised its role in bolstering Syria's government against an uprising.But he was forced to throw his support behind their candidate for the presidency, Michel Aoun, in order to secure his return to power as prime minister.
In a sign that the task ahead will not be easy, Hezbollah's MPs declined to endorse Hariri for the prime minister's post, even though his nomination was all-but-assured.Analysts said Hariri, who has seen his family fortune decline along with his influence in Lebanon's Sunni community, will have little leverage in the formation of his # cabinet."Hariri is in a tough position," said Hilal Khashan, head of the political science department at the American University in Beirut."Given the economic straits he is experiencing and his declining popularity, he was determined to become prime minister, and will therefore be obliged to make concessions to preserve his interests," he told AFP.Months of horsetradingHariri, 46, served as prime minister under former president Michel Sleiman between 2009 and 2011, heading a unity government that was brought down by Hezbollah and its allies.In his new term, he is likely to struggle with his government's policy statement, which will have to make reference to Israel, as well as the war in Syria, both potential flashpoints with Hezbollah.
The powerful militant group has rejected attempts to disarm it, saying it serves as the "resistance" against Israel, with which Lebanon technically remains at war.And it has also rejected criticism of its involvement in the war in Syria, saying its forces are protecting Lebanon by fighting extremists next door.Hariri has long opposed Hezbollah, members of which have been accused by an international court of involvement in his father's 2005 assassination.He also led calls for the withdrawal of Syrian forces from Lebanon, some 30 years after their arrival, following his father's murder.The process of forming a government could take months, with horsetrading likely to revolve around the distribution of key posts like the interior, defence and energy ministries."Traditionally the formation of government in Lebanon takes a long time, up to 10 months sometimes," said Khashan."
Today there are differences between the various political currents on the issue of the key ministries," he added.Despite the uphill battle ahead, Lebanese are hoping the breakthrough in their country's lengthy political stalemate will revitalise the economy and solve problems like a trash collection crisis.The country is also still reeling from the effects of the arrival of more than a million Syrian refugees, who have tested the limited resources of a nation with just four million citizens.Khashan cautioned that Lebanon would remain fragile, but central bank governor Riad Salameh sounded a note of optimism at a conference in Beirut on Thursday."The election of Michel Aoun should lead to the normal activity of the constitutional institutions, thus increasing confidence in economy," he said."The formation of a government will help in attracting foreign aid and mitigating the cost of the Syrian presence in Lebanon, which we estimate at five percent of GDP," he added.


They are small in size and can be easily exercised indoors

City dwelling is bad for dog lovers who want furry companions. We list pooches that are best suited to live in apartments. From the Indian Spitz, to strays and other breeds, dogs with easier temperament who require less exercise are best suited for apartment dwelling When living in an alien city, far away from home, we all crave a bit of companionship. And what better way to get some unconditional love than having a furry friend for company.Dogs provide unconditional affection and make for some of the most interesting and funny flatmates. But cramped living quarters and a marked lack of space in urban spaces means that perhaps all dogs are not suitable for small areas.Size becomes important for pet owners who want to keep a pet in the cramped quarters such as apartments and condominiums.


It becomes a necessity for apartment dwellers to consider the size of the pet before taking the plunge.Dr. Kallahalli Umesh; Waltham Scientific Communication Manager, South Asia Mars India (Pedigree) says that keeping a dog is always a big responsibility.“Owning a dog is a big responsibility and giving your dog the best care and attention can help to improve the quality and length of your dog&Vacuum space bags Manufacturers39;s life.”He goes on to add, “Feeding your dog a well-balanced diet is clearly necessary to keep him fit and healthy and other activities such as exercise, training, grooming and regular visits to the veterinarian are equally important to keep your dog happy and healthy.”


Dr Umesh goes on to add that one of the most important things in such cases is matching one’s lifestyle with the breed one chooses.“Maybe one of the most important aspects to ensure a happy relationship between you, your family and your dog is to ensure that your dog's requirements can be matched by your lifestyle and environment.”“Dogs come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, all with different characters and temperaments. Therefore choosing a right breed is an important step as he will soon become an integral part of your family,” he goes on to add.Here we look at a few breeds which are best suited for apartment living.Bulldog: Known for being one of the laziest dog around, they are perfect apartment pets. A short walk is all these guys need to be happy and most of the time they are just happy to laze around and snooze. These incredibly gentle breed do not grow more than 18 inches high.Bulldog (Photo: Pixabay)Chihuahua: A miniature breed, their small size ensures that they make great apartment dogs. They require minimum exercise and love being close to their owners.


The only problem with teh breed is that they tend to be wary of strangers.Chihuahua (Photo: Pixabay)Daschunds: The smallest of the hound dogs, these have tiny legs and are known for their lively temperament. They are great with children and their short legs allow them to be exercised indoors if needed.Dachshund (Photo: Pixabay)Pekinese: The tiny Pekinese requires plenty of attention and affection. They do tend to bark at strangers so early training is a must. They prefer being the only pooch around and if so they make great apartment pets due to their size and affectionate nature.Pekinese (Photo: Pixabay)Pug: Adorable eyes. Check. Cute snort. Check. Tiny size. Check. Pugs come in handy compact size and will hang around with you throughout the day if they can. They get along with other dogs but require daily grooming. Also, they snore, a lot.Pug (Photo: Pixabay)Pomeranian: A fiesty breed which is full of enery, what makes the Pomeranian ideal for apartments is the fact that they are not an overly dependent breed of dog. This makes them well suited for owners who spend most of their time out of the house. They do need daily walks to work off their energy (or else they bark a lot) and weekly brushings.Pomeranian (Photo: Pixabay)Yorkshire Terrier: Yorkies are affectionate dogs that make great apartment pets.


They are small in size and can be easily exercised indoors. They tend to be a bit vocal around strangers, but early training and socialization can change that.Yorkshire Terrier (Photo: Pixabay)Indian Spitz: Though often confused with pomerians, these are separate breeds. These are budget dogs that make great family pets and need less space to live and also require less grooming.Indian Spitz (Photo: Pixabay)Maltese: The biggest thing that works for the breed is that they are not shedders, which is best if you are living in close quarters with them. They are an affectionate breed but suffer from separation anxiety.


The breed is best suited for someone who spends a lot of time indoors.Maltese (Photo: Pixabay)Indian street dogs: One of the healthiest dog breeds around, they are available easily and freely. Furthermore many of them need a home and usually make excellent pets who thrive in small living conditions. They are also known as InDog and Desi.InDogDr Umesh advises, “The size of your house and garden, and more importantly, the availability of open spaces nearby for exercise will influence the type of dog you should choose. For instance a Great Dane or Newfoundland would be cramped in a small apartment and an Irish Wolfhound, which needs plenty of space, might be unhappy in the middle of a town.”“Boston Terriers, # Italian Greyhounds, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Dachshunds may be better suited if space is limited. Breeds like From Yorkshire Terriers to Pomeranians, and Maltese to Pekingese, are lively and live happily in a smaller space,” he concludes.

A Raj Bhavan spokesman said Friday in Jammu

A Raj Bhavan spokesman said Friday in Jammu, the state winter capital, that governor N. “She is a mother, a daughter, a sister.N..Some constitutional experts said if it has been decided that the new government will be formed only after Monday, for whatever reason, the state is all set for a brief spell of Governor’s Rule. The tragedy is huge and she is everybody’s source of strength.Former CM and National Conference working president Omar Abdullah has accused the BJP of forcing “political uncertainty” on Jammu and Kashmir.With the passing away of chief minister Sayeed, the council of ministers headed by him has ceased to exist. It will be unfair to force her to do something,” he said.


He said the party does not want to put any pressure on her. “There will be a few days of Governor’s Rule but he will be a caretaker till another chief minister takes the oath,” he said. When reporters got insistent, he said: “When the time will come, we will let you know.BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav, who played a key role towards cobbling up the coalition between the ideologically-divergent BJP and PDP last year, had a one-on-one meeting with Ms Mufti at her residence here on Friday. Questioning the party’s stand on government formation, he said Ms Mufti should be given time to mourn the death of her father.”Sources in the two parties said they have already settled the succession issue in view of Sayeed’s failing health even though some BJP MLAs and other party leaders had in internal party discussions asked for a fresh demand to be made for sharing the chief minister’s post on rotational basis.


PDP had submitted a letter to the Governor on Thursday backing Mehbooba Mufti’s candidature for the post of J&K's CM(Photo: PTI) Srinagar: Senior PDP leader Muzaffar Hussain Beigh, who is tipped to succeed Mehbooba Mufti as party president, said: “Mehboobaji is not ready and the oath-taking will happen only after (Mufti Muhammad Sayeed’s) chaharum is over. “Besides being in touch with the leadership of the coalition partners, the governor has also addressed letters by fax to Ms Mehbooba Mufti, PDP president, and Shri Sat Paul Sharma, (state) BJP president, to urgently inform him about their respective positions regarding the formation of the new government,” the spokesman said.”Sayeed’s chaharum is due to take place on Sunday at Bijbehara, and a prayer meeting will be held at his official residence “Fairview” in Srinagar. He flew in here from New Delhi in a chartered plane earlier in the day to pay his condolences, but is said to have briefly discussed with her the formation of the new government at their hour-long meeting. Mr Beigh, who is also a senior lawyer and a constitutional expert, however, claimed that there will be no constitutional crises due to this vacuum.


Ms Mufti has to choose a new team before a new council of ministers is administered the oath of office by the governor.. But this demand was turned down by the party’s leadership, which however agreed to opt for a fresh bargain and seek changes in the allocation of portfolios and also increasing its tally in new council of ministers. Vohra was in touch with the leadership of the coalition partners on the new government.Mr Beigh insisted it was only because the PDP president was in shock that she was not ready to take over as new chief minister.“I went to meet Mehbooba to express my condolences on the demise of Mufti Sahib. If the swearing-in ceremony is delayed beyond a reasonable period permitted by the Constitution, Jammu and Kashmir may be placed under Governor’s Rule for a few days. We had some discussions over the future of the government, but I will not be able to share more details about these deliberations right now”, Wholesale Vacuum bags Mr Madhav said. After his meeting with the PDP president, Mr Madhav, along with BJP state in-charge Avinash Rai, drove straightway to Circuit House in Srinagar. “Why is the BJP forcing this uncertainty on the state Mehbooba, understandably, needs time to grieve, but these guys ” Mr Abdullah wrote on Twitter soon after Mr Ram Madhav chaired a meeting of BJP legislators here

One of the most important things is a powder compact

For slightly darker skin, go for copper, bronze, wine, or dark pink. Then apply blush-on. Apply powder on the lips and then reapply the lipstick. To add glamour and shimmer to your day make-up, include light coloured shadows like mauve, or light brown over the entire eyelid area. (Photo: Pixabay) New Delhi: Festive season, the busiest time of the year with countless events and parties, has arrived!


With the summer slowly saying goodbye and winter approaching, it&Cube vacuum space bag39;s a good time to start thinking about necessary makeup items that will make you sparkle all through it. You will also need lipstick for the day.Husain also # said that one should carry a few items in your hand bag, so that you can freshen up your make-up. Products with a matte (non-shiny) or creamy finish are better for the day.4.2. "So, for the day, the products you will need are tinted moisturiser or foundation, loose face powder, or compact powder, eye pencil, kajal, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and lipgloss. For lipstick, go for warm earthy colours and reddish colours. Include dark eye pencil and eyeliner, as well as mascara. It is very useful for touching up foundation, or removing oiliness. Then, apply the powder all over, or only on oily areas. Wait for a few minutes and then apply compact powder. Dull gold or silver shadow can be used to highlight under the brows," said Husain. Or, you can line your eyelids with brown or grey eye shadow. Press the powder all over the face and neck, with a slightly damp sponge."


One of the most important things is a powder compact, which contains pressed powder."Here are a few tips on essential make-up products that are needed for the festive season:1. Then, apply mascara, which helps to make the eyes look darker and brighter. Gold can help to highlight and also to shape eyes long the bone line.With Diwali and wedding season fast approaching, everyone is aiming to add an extra glow to enhance their look for cosy get-togethers, and fancy work dinners. The foundation should be as close to your skin colour as possible. Avoid very dark colours and go for mauve or pink if you have fair skin. If you want to look your best, you have to select the make-up keeping the time of the day and occasion in mind.. You can even carry a small bottle of cologne to refresh yourself," she concluded. Include gold highlights.Get the look. Blusher colours need not match lip colour exactly, but it should be in the same colour tone. Dark pink or rose-red would look good too. Carry some tissues too. To touch up lipstick after lunch, first wipe off with a tissue. For the night function, you can use gold foundation to provide a golden glow to the skin, along with golden tinted powder. If you have a clear skin, leave out the foundation. A small mirror, comb and brush are absolute musts for the hand bag.


This gives a softer effect. After foundation, apply face powder to set it. If you wish to apply foundation, a water-based one is better for oily skin during the summer months.According to beauty expert Shahnaz Husain, "Different functions may take place at different times of the day. For eye make-up, use eye pencils during the day. This helps it to set and last longer.3. After cleansing, apply a moisturiser for normal to dry skin, or astringent lotion for normal to oily skin. For eye shadow, brown and darker brown shadows can be used for the eyelids and the crease of the eyes. Add one or two drops of water for a lighter coverage. Even brick-red may suit. Representational Image. Make-up needs to be carefully done and colours should be chosen with care during the day, because daylight is harsh and shows up flaws easily. Get yourself a lip gloss too. For glamorous eye make-up, brown, bronze and gold eye shadow should be part of the make-up kit. First, dab your face with the tissue to remove oil and sweat. Getting holiday make-up right can be tricky when you have stunning cosmetic, advanced skincare tools, and a ton of lust-worthy hair and nail products

While at such unspeakable tragic moments

In the face of such appalling tragedy, the words of political and religious leaders addressing those who lost their near and dear ones, including those seriously injured, will sound absolutely hollow.The Bible acknowledges that there would indeed be times of pain and darkness.The Bible acknowledges that there would indeed be times of pain and darkness. What sense can anyone make of such irrational acts?The saddest part is that some youths, misinterpreting their own religious texts, carried out such an inhuman atrocity on the lives of others during a deeply China Travel Vacuum Bag Suppliers religious event. Nothing can ever fill the vacuum created in their lives. For my yoke is easy and my burden light” and appeals to us to, “love one another as I have loved you”. Rather than cursing those moments the Psalmist prays: “Even if I walk in the valley of darkness, no evil would I fear.


While at such unspeakable tragic moments, it is best not to utter any word, at the same time it was also inspiring to find many Christians from around the world praying to God to glorify those who lost their lives as well as to show mercy to those who nurture deep hatred in their hearts against others. For you are there with your rod and your staff”, or “The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?” Jesus too invites us saying: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Exactly on the day when Churches all over joyously proclaim Jesus’ victory over death, so many innocents breathed their last. The difference between them is their understanding of God — if He is a loving, forgiving God who created us to live with one another in love and peace or a God who revels in destroying those who disagree with the religion’s own beliefs and ideology.


Contrast that with those who sacrifice their lives either serving their country or the poor and needy. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.There are quite a few sociological and psychological studies which explain the reasons why certain people get so radicalised in the name of religion that they actually kill others in cold blood, in the process often ending their own lives.. Incidentally, it is being reported again officially that Christians are the most persecuted lot in the world and that if steps are not taken, Christianity could be completely wiped out in the place where it was born and flourished at its inception. Jesus People in Sri Lanka and especially Christians are still trying to come to grips with the terrible bombings in churches and hotels on a day that was actually the most important Christian feast — the Resurrection of Jesus

As the probe flies 2200 miles

In 2014, astronomers found Thule using the Hubble Space Telescope and selected it for New Horizon’s extended mission in 2015. Eastern time, the New Horizons probe will arrive at the “third zone” in the uncharted heart of the Kuiper Belt. Both probes are still operational. In this peripheral layer of icy bodies and leftover fragments from the solar system’s creation, the interplanetary probe will position its seven onboard instruments for the first close-up glance of Ultima Thule, a cool mass roughly 20 miles (32 km) long and shaped like a giant peanut. Launched in January 2006, New Horizons embarked on a 4 billion mile journey toward the solar system’s frigid, faraway edge to study the dwarf planet Pluto and its five moons.
At 12:33 a.”While the mission marks the farthest close-encounter of an object within our solar system, NASA’s Voyager 1 and 2, a pair of deep space probes launched in 1977, have reached greater distances on a mission to survey extrasolar bodies. Scientists had not discovered Ultima Thule when the probe was launched.During a 2015 fly-by, the probe found Pluto to be slightly larger than previously thought. (Photo: NASA) A NASA explorer is on track to reach the solar system’s outermost region by early Tuesday morning when scientists expect it to fly by a space rock 20 miles long and billions of miles from Earth, the most distant close encounter of its kind.Scientists had not discovered Ultima Thule when the probe was launched, according to NASA, making the mission unique in that respect. In March, it revealed that methane-rich dunes were on the icy dwarf planet’s surface.
As the probe flies 2200 miles (3,500 km) above Thule’s surface, scientists hope it will detect the chemical composition of its atmosphere and terrain in what NASA says will be the closest observation of a body so remote.At 12:33 a.After trekking 1 billion miles beyond Pluto into the Kuiper Belt, New Horizons will now seek clues about the formation of the solar system and its planets. Eastern time (0533 GMT), the New Horizons probe will arrive at the “third zone” in the uncharted heart of the Kuiper Belt, scientists said. “Anything’s possible China Vacuum space bags Factory out there in this very unknown region,” John Spencer, deputy project scientist for New Horizons, told reporters on Monday at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in Maryland. “We are straining the capabilities of this spacecraft, and by tomorrow we’ll know how we did,” New Horizons principal investigator Alan Stern said during the news conference at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in Maryland. “There are no second chances for New Horizons.m.(Source)